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Exclusive Interview : Sunny Song of CDMC speaks about 7th Green vehicle convention 2016

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Goevnts team talked with Sunny Song, Leader of event management team of CDMC ( China descision makers community , Shanghai, China ) for 7th Green Vehicles Conference, Focus which is going to be conducted on May 12-13, 2016 in Shenzhen, China. We have interesting information to share with you.

1. Can you please give a brief about the event , when was the event first started? How was it’s journey in adding value to industry till date? Please share the calendar and venue details of this year event.

Our theme is ‘Innovation Driving, Green Commuting,A New Way Forward’,we want to make the world better and better. We first started this event in 2010 to enable countries to pay more attention towards the new energy industry. We seriously want to contribute to the development of the industry. This year,we will hold at Shenzhen in May.
2. Can you specify some specific products, services and applications that come under this industry category will be showcased or discussed during the event.

In our event,we will give participants enough communication time,and the sponsors a full range of product display. We will provide such as ‘one to one talk’、’Media interviews’、’Customer referrals’ and many more opportunities to network.

3. What is the objective of conducting this event ? Who are going to benefited and what way ? Please give a overall information of how many signed up for attending the event ?

We focus leading energy saving and new energy vehicles at home and abroad, industry experts,
bench marking enterprise senior leaders;high quality core suppliers at home and abroad. Well known Chinese and foreign media and institutions, etc,to discuss the green car in independent innovation, key technology breakthrough,
core areas of application and frontier practice sharing.

4. Please share if there are any seminars conducted, who will present and what topics for our audience knowledge?

Development Research Center of the State Council, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, National Testing Center of 863 Electric Cars Major Projects Power Battery, BAIC group Co. Ltd.,Beijing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., TGOOD Electric Co., Ltd., Dongfeng YANGTCR Motor (Wuhan)Co.,Ltd., BYD, Chery Automobile, International Cooperation Center, National Development and Reform Commission,China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. have confirm to attend the lecture.

5. What are the other events which CDMC is managing other than this?

The other events which we are managing currently are

10th China Petrochemical Focus 2016May 26-27, 2016Shanghai, China

The 5th Theme Park and Attractions Summit & AwardsMay 19-20, 2016Shanghai, China

China Gas Turbine Focus, 2016April 27-28, 2016Shenzhen, China

Disclaimer: Goevnts is the channel partner to the event.

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