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Canton fair 2016 phase-1 Overview – Exclusive

April 13, 2016
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Japanese companies showcase their products at International Pavilion of Canton Fair 2016


With the Canton fair 2016 phase one coming up soon, we would like to give an over view of the event and various industries which are going to be showcased during the event.

119th China Guangzhou Canton Fair 2016 is scheduled from April 15 till April 19 2016 at 75000 hector China Import and Export center, Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. Phase one is expected to showcase the products and services from the various industries stated below.

Industry category and Products in specific are as follows

· Audio video, Digital entertainment and Communication products which includes tablets, mobile phones, set-top boxes and automobile entertainment and communications systems.

· Power supply products which includes various kinds of electronic and batteries

· Computer parts, peripherals, network equipment and software products

· Electronic security and business automation equipment products such as home security, video conference equipments etc.

· Electrical products and equipments like inductors, stabilizers, furnaces etc

· New and renewable energy products which include solar, wind, bio, tidal and nuclear power

· House hold appliances like ovens, cookers, kitchen ventilators, refrigeration equipment, air-conditioner equipment, washing and drying machinery etc.

· Lighting equipment which includes all security and decorative lighting, advertising solutions using LED displays, Lamps.

· Vehicles and spare parts include bicycles and parts for adult and kids, electric bikes and parts, off road vehicles, buses, ambulances, fire engines and ATVs.

· Power and machinery products , large machinery for wood working, textile, plastics, packaging applications

· Building and decorative materials, Sanitory and bath room equipments , chemical products

The Industry and product list is just not limited to above. We just highlighted only prominent categories.

Canton Fair 2016
Canton Fair 2016

Review of 118th Canton fair session in November 2015

Overseas buyers attended from 213 countries and regions around the world counted up to 117,544 but still 4.6% less than 116 sessions. Top three countries with most buyers include are Hong Kong, USA and India. Top business line attracted buyers are electronic& house hold appliances, daily consumer goods. The international pavilion has witnessed companies from more countries with 604 companies from 40 countries and regions.

Note that we will be at Canton fair this session, if anyone want to have specific contacts in any industry or products, can contact me at we can support you.

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