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Ask Us Anything session by Amplifi

October 22, 2016
I liked it !
August 26, 2016 : Paperclip Startup Campus, Hong Kong.
The info session was led by the program’s founder Sudarshan Narayan and some of the Hong Kong-based mentors (Rohan Doctor ( MD Goldman Sachs ) Dan Ternes ( Amplifi mentor ) Jeffrey Broer, Peter Williams) joined too.
This session was primarily for the benefit of participating startups who wanted to know more about the program, the team, the benefits, the process and get resolved any doubts or concerns they might have had.
Amplifi’s global mentor panelist and HK program advisor Jeffrey Broer welcomed the audience to the session and briefly introduced Amplifi Paperclip, the program and then invited Amplifi founder & Managing Director, Sudarshan Narayan to talk in detail.
Amplifi Managing Director Sudarshan Narayan, joined the session online from Mumbai & spoke in detail about Amplifi history/background, thesis and vertical focus, the process, value proposition & benefits and gave an update on startups in the first cohort. He also talked about the Amplifi Paperclip partnership in Hong Kong and how we aim to help startups there.
After his talk, Sudarshan invited Amplifi mentor Dan Ternes to share with the audience his experience of working with his mentee startup InsightNxt from the first cohort. Dan gave the audience comprised of startups and mentors, insights on the engagement, what made it work and how to make it work (for both mentor and mentee).
After Dan’s talk, Amplifi advisor Vishnu Bhat (mentor at Varsito) spoke about his experience of working as lead mentor to the startup and also gave the startups present invaluable tips on how to think global and build a global SaaS business.
Sudarshan then invited Swathi Komandur, founder of Varsito, a cohort 1 startup to share with the startups her experience of going through the Amplifi program and how she benefited from the same.
See the video here. This was followed by Abhishek Moharana, Co-founder & CEO of Trilyo, another cohort 1 startup, sharing his takeaways from the program, with the audience. Listen to what he had to say, here.
This was followed an in-depth and very interactive Q and A session where the startups got a lot of their queries & doubts answered by Sudarshan.
Sudarshan ended the Q & A session by encouraging Hong Kong startups to think big and global.
After this, startups had a great networking time with mentors and Amplifi Paperclip team members.
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