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The Auto Show in Los Angeles is the most awaited annual event where the car manufacturers across the world, are eager to show case and highlight few of their latest and concepts cars. The LA Auto Show 2015 is scheduled from 20th November till 29th November at LA Convention Center.

The LA Auto show has become a major platform for the world known car designers/manufacturers to praise their upcoming models before its launch. This year, The LA Auto Show 2015 had begun with phenomenal announcements by some of the most hi-tech car designer and manufacturers. Below are the highlights of the event covered so far.

  • Ford’s unbelievable Focus RS (Rally Sport) Car

Hatchbacks are now redefined as hotbacks. This new RS Turbocharged Monster is compact, easy to park yet with the most powerful engine of 350 horsepower with a parallel torque through its all-wheel –drive system. Unlike the AWD systems in the market, this car is engineered with a power distribution unit that drives rear wheels. The engine utilizes torque from spinning driveshaft to divide it among the both rear wheels with the pair clutches. If we take a look from the passenger seat, the ride experience is like a flying machine on the track.

  • Audi with its Electric plans – A3 Sportback e-tron & Q7 e-tron.

Audi, for the first time is determined to launch an electric car, out of its brand portfolio. It is also planning to take a challenge of converting its 25 percent of the buyers to get into electric segment, unlike the regular diesel variant by 2025. This is really a big move for a Luxury Automaker.

  • Range Rover with its Strange yet not so crazy model – Evoque Convertible

Range Rover stole the thunder of all the other major competitor announcements with its most compact and stylish convertible Evoque model. The trunk space is reduced in this variant as compared to the standard Evoque, however, the company says that there is still a space for a Golf Kit to fit in the trunk compartment and section which extends from the trunk till rear seat, well suited for a pair of skis. Land Rover is showcasing this model in White Patina exterior, Black & Red Oxford leather interior and blacked-out wheels giving a Racer Steve McQueen look.

  • Fiat Showing Off 124 Spider Model

Fiat has come up with its Roadster model called “124 Spider”. It is said to be a little polarizing, based on new Miata under Mazda banner, which has a design that will leave you hanging between Italy and Japan. If you think, the design is not fascinating enough then its turbocharged engine same as 500 Abarth would certainly excite you. So Next year, if you are planning to bring light, small and inexpensive convertible car in your garage then you might have to choose between 124 Spider and new Miata.

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