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April 28, 2017
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We are about to enter another new year. Along with all the celebrations and gatherings, we also tend to set goals for the upcoming 12 months. Professionals like me would want to make influential difference in our career and upgrade our existing skills to stand out in the industry. In the competitive and fast paced event industry, it’s very important to stay up-to-date and endeavor for continuous improvement.

Irrespective of whether you are pursuing, a beginner or have been there for years in the industry and organized hundreds of events, you can always refer to the below list of tips to become better at events management.

Practice Makes Professional Perfect

The universal fact is that the most effective way to become better at Event management is to acquire more experience. In one of his blogs, ‘Malcolm Gladwell’ had explained the concept that it usually takes 10,000 hours of work to make you an expert or skilled in any field. Grab every opportunity to sharpen your skills in your field. You can work as volunteer, paid work or organize your own events.

Each event is exclusive and it is very unfortunate that there is no magic formula for the success of the event. You need experience to draw and plan every minute detail.

Keep yourself Up-to-date

Along with practical knowledge, it is also important to shed some time in gaining theoretical know-how of Event planning. One should read industry magazines, blogs and event planning text books regularly keep you at par. It is very essential to be aware of learning about new techniques & technologies and identify latest trends of the industry.


After the completion of each event, ensure you analyze, reflect feedback. Discuss the positives as well as negatives of the event with your team and client, which will help you to improve in the future events. You should enjoy the compliments, however should also closely focus at all the areas of improvement. Share your inputs with the team about what didn’t work as per the plan and how was the situation tackled. Never sit back and be pleased, no matter how big hit the event was. Every Micro input can make huge difference; there is always a vacuum for improvement.

Use Technology Smartly

Keep yourself balanced by gaining the most out of the technology and tools, which can make your task simpler and easier. Also, try to understand the process and science behind the technology used so that you can interpret the importance of that tool and the worth it is adding to the overall process.

Engage yourself with Thought Leaders

Social media not only breaks down the barrier but also is a great way to connect with your industry Leaders, who can always challenge your current way of thinking. Always be participative in contributing to LinkedIn groups, join Twitter chats, and watch industry influencers on various video channels available online like YouTube. Such activities will enhance your viewpoint in the existing flow of work and trigger new innovations.

Stay tuned for more tips on being a better Event Organizer.

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Ashish Shah, an IT Professional (Six Sigma Green Belt) and a passionate blogger has an expertise in Event Management, ITES management & IT Service. 


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