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Stretchable electronics: everything you need to know

May 5, 2017
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Stretchable electronics is a term that conceals great diversity. Indeed, it is an umbrella term that refers to a whole host of emerging electronic materials, components and devices that exhibit some degree of mechanical stretchability. 

Stretchable electronics has been in the making for than a decade, but it up to now it has been mostly a solution looking for a problem. Recent analysis by IDTechEx Research however finds that this is about to change. Indeed, in its new report on Stretchable Electronics 2017-2027, IDTechEx Research finds that the market for stretchable electronics will reach at least $600m by 2027.

This comprehensive report is the result of years of primary research in tracking and assessing technology and market developments for various stretchable electronics components and applications. Indeed, Stretchable Electronics 2017 -2027 provides you with everything you need to know about the technologies, markets, and players for the entire stretchable electronics industry.

Stretchable interconnects are the first to market

The seemingly simple interconnect is one of the first applications to be commercially launched. Here specially formulated conductive inks or stretchable wires/yarns are used in electronic textile applications. The inks are also targeting other applications such as highly pliable PCBs, or long and stretchy medical electrodes (e.g., ECG) …

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