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GoEvntsTV: Drones displayed in Shenzhen Intelligent Electronics Exhibition 2017

August 10, 2017
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Now a days Drones are playing a major role in various applications, be it in agriculture, police or patrolling, rescue operations and last but not the least military operations. The 3rd China Intelligent Equipment Industry Exposition has seen various companies have displayed their drone products. MicroMultiCopter aero technology company ( MMC ) displayed its products A6 which is a professional heavy payload drone which can be used for industrial inspection, power line stringing, mapping and fire fighting.  MMC’s Hydrone is another drone which is hydrogen powered and can be used in forestry fire fighting, power line & oil inspection.

Alltech has displayed their multi rotor UAVs and Tethered UAV systems. Their products include four rotor foldable drone, 6-rotor foldable drone, Industrial UAVs displayed during the event. Their drones can be used in different applications like emergency commanding, forest fire proofing, Anti-terror, maritime patrol and power line inspection.

About the event: 

3rd China Intelligent Equipment Industry Exposition and the 6th China Electronic Equipment Industry Exposition which were held atShenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Center from  27th – 29th July, 2017(Thursday- Saturday) showcased showcased automation, robotics, surface mount technology, intelligent integrations and unmanned areal vehicles.

The motto of the event is ” Made in China 2025 development of an Intelligent manufacturing Industry” , showcased the following products were displayed

  1. Industrial robot &Spare parts,
  2. Laser equipment,
  3. CNC machine tool,
  4. Automatic production lines especially for PCBA and electronics industry
  5. 3D printing
  6. Electronic Information Precision Manufacturing

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