China International Artificial Intelligence Summit 2017

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China International Artificial Intelligence Summit 2017: Industrial Robot· Intelligence Manufacturing

Intelligence · Change

02-03 November 2017| Shanghai · China

To Build Machinery and AI “Special Forces”

What is Smart Factory? Briefly speaking, is making the manufacturing process series connection and intelligence. Intelligence is further use of IOT sensing technology, monitoring and remote control the production line, and then use the results of cloud computing and data analysis, rapidly feedback to the basic hardware or the entire system architecture to optimize, and in addition to monitoring, collecting data, allow the equipment more able to communicate, process flexibility, real-time processing, and adapting to changes in the external environment.


The future world will become a huge Internet of things. In this physical information system, objects and machines can self-manage and continue to improve themselves. In this technical tsunami, industry will become an example of change. Organized by Polaris Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., co-organized by the People Government of Shanghai Jiading District Anting Town, and supporting by China MESA Branch, the 2017 China International Artificial Intelligence Summit will be held on November 02 – November 03 in Shanghai, which will lasts 2 days and involving 3 forums: Artificial Intelligence · Change; Industrial Robot· Manufacturing; Autonomous Driving· Self-driving. Dahua Technology Co., Ltd , Motivis, ST, SUSI&James, VCYBER Intelligence, ORBBEC Technology and KNERON invite you, with hundreds of industry leaders, Internet operators, advanced university and institutions, robotics manufacturers, core component suppliers, core technology providers and government officials and so on, nearly 400 industry professionals together, deep discussion on Artificial intelligence topics around the intelligent manufacturing robot and driverless cars, from the aspects of applications, technological breakthroughs and difficulties, the future development of operational models and other issues. let us breakthrough mediocre with intelligent and innovative thinking, waiting for your participation!

Summit Structure


Forum 1:  Artificial Intelligence · Change

New Era of China AI;
The Core Meaning of AI is to Let More People Gain Benefits;
Visual Perception and Artificial Intelligence;
The Plan to The Ground :“Cloud+ Server” Intelligence;
Open Source Depth Learning Framework and Algorithm Practice
Morning:  Artificial Intelligence From Global Perspective

Afternoon:  Talking Profound Deep Learning
in simple Language


Forum 2:  Industrial Robot· Manufacturing

Industry 4.0: Rapid Rise of China “Smart Factory”;

Tomorrow’s Factory Automation with Breakthrough Innovation;

Review of Key Technologies of Machine Vision Perception and Control in Smart Factory;

Robot and IOT: the core of the future manufacturing industry;

Industrial Robot + Machine Vision Drives Robot Intelligence Advanced

Morning: Smart Factory, Boosting Industry 4.0

Afternoon: Robot’s Intelligent Revolution


Forum 3: Autonomous Driving· Self-driving

Artificial Intelligence Disruptive Combination with Vehicle;
The Application of Deep Learning in Autonomous Driving;
Turing Test of Autonomous Driving;
Building A Full Directions Vehicle Network Security Ecosystem;
The Technological Innovation Road of ADAS
Morning: Ultimate Goal: The way to approach
Autonomous DrivingAfternoon: Intelligent Supporting to
Autonomous Driving


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Look forward to meet with you at China International Artificial Intelligence Summit in Shanghai on November 2nd- 3rd to facilitate decision making!


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