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2nd China International Intelligent Vehicle Forum 2017 -AI Promote the Development of Autonomous Driving

October 10, 2017
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16-17 November 2017∣Shanghai·China

Human-Vehicle-Transportation, The New Age for Total Perception Innovation

The development of autonomous driving is very broad, with the electronic and intelligent development, lot of OEMs and AI enterprises already did lot of job on developing autonomous driving in different countries. If people want the automatically driving vehicle with the ability to make decision in complex road conditions, first, the vehicle needs “thinking”. At the same time, not only need to grasp the traffic around the road and the environment, but also to predict “thousands of miles away”.

At this stage, software can be further enhance the autonomous driving technology include high precision maps and data. High precision map is the basis for autonomous driving to understand the environment, providing more accurate location information like “clairvoyant”. Big data can simulate complex physical conditions to help make accurate judgments depends on AI’s deep learning system. Artificial intelligence is a complex computational method that mimics human brain learning. This algorithm has ability to learn deeply and does not require software engineer to control thousands of yards and can control autopilot that will greatly promote the ability to drive automatically. These are the advantage of AI enterprises and they can complement the advantages of OEMs.

2nd China International Intelligent Vehicle Forum will be directed at the AI promote the development of autonomous driving include Google, IBM, Tesla, NVIDIA and other industry authorities will deeper analysis this issue this time. The forum will include three sub-forums, site tour and dinner, nearly 300 people will come together to discuss the opportunities and strategies in Intelligent Network Vehicle Industry.

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For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. We are look forward to seeing you in the 2nd China International Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum 2017 in Shanghai China.

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