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Guest article : Do you think 3D LED Holographic fans advertising better than other ways ?

June 12, 2018
I liked it !

In the fast-changing landscape of indoor advertising in Malls, shopping centres, Railway stations, bus terminals, airports and exhibition centres, the 3D LED Holographic unit can create a lasting visual impression on the minds of the prospective customers. Advertising space is becoming expensive day by day, this technology gives a new mode of advertising with cheaper and effective way.

In a short span of 10 seconds, an incredible and vivid 3D dynamic advertisement of a product or service or even a new launch will grab the attention of the customer better than any other interface at this price point.

A fan-based holography model with content created by VrammaR(dot)com
These are the three benefits of using this technology:

  1. The first benefit of using this technology for promotions in shopping malls, airports and bus/train terminals is its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. As an advertiser, you don’t need to buy expensive LCD screens to communicate your value proposition. You can acquire and maintain this at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Dynamic 3D content playing in the air catches the eyes of the user instantly and there is no scope for distraction. Since the objects or content is displayed in 3D, it can be viewed from multiple angles andhence enhances the visibility of ads for a larger audience.
  3. Due to the large size of the 3D objects used in making the ads, the viewers need not come to the location to have a look. They can view it while walking towards their destination. This gives the advertiser an added advantage to grab more attention per ad.

Content creation

Content creation for this technology is as important as the equipment itself. Content is generally created by 3D Holography as per the client’s requirement and will be installed on the device. Interestingly, the existing content can be replaced with a new one which gives the cost advantage to the advertiser and agency.


With a very less maintenance cost, Long LEDs life of 20,000 hrs, this technology and the hardware are very cost effective and the advertising agencies can recover their costs in less than 6 months. The LED fan rotates at high speed and as such should be placed at height of 7’ and above from ground level, and should be kept out of reach of visitors.


Using this medium reduces the carbon footprint on the planet and eliminates the use of flexi-banners and standees generally used in Industrial Exhibitions and conferences. This digital mode of advertising does not require any LCD monitors, as the content is displayed in the air.

A Wall of Three, Four or multiple fans, depending on the requirement can be fixed to a rack to create a synchronized single image or advertisement and can be used in exhibitions or trade shows.


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