About us

Goevnts [Goevnts.com] is a technology driven global event marketplace, headquartered in Bengaluru, India. It specializes in event media services, product positioning services and business value generation services.  

It helps intersect thought leadership and needs based purchasing paths while enabling the decision makers pick the right set of meaningful events. It has partnered with media houses and event companies that design thought leadership campaigns and help them promulgate to the right set of audiences. The platform allows event organizers to plan and promote their events, brings in required synergies to collaborate with exhibitors of interest and also provides for meaningful conversations with their target audience.  

Goevnts Events coverage

The company also develops new age microsites and mobile applications to connect the eventspora- Event Organizers, Exhibitors and Event Attendees. Its site’s user friendly interface provides for a seamless integration with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On-demand webinars spanning product positioning, product launches and Industry Analysis & trends can also be hosted onto its platform. 

Backed by strong management team and sound publishing practices, it brings a Live-like experience of the events for those who wished to be part of these events yet constraints like distance and prohibitive pricing kept them at bay.  

History: Mr. Murali founded the company in the year 2014. Backed by sound industry analysis, he understood there were interesting areas in the field of event marketing when duly filled in could create a robust yet flexible platform that helps events grab more eyeballs. Likewise, the company could shed light on industry events and encourage relevant participation while covering events. This inspiration led to the formation of Goevents.com. The company is officially named as Go Events but referred to as Goevnts.com. 

Awards: Goevnts.com is really proud to be recognized by Manthan Awards and IIT Kharagpur Empresario. The Business model has been appraised and appreciated by them and it is proud of all the hard work and dedication that went into the making of Goevnts.com.  

With a vision to be a market dominant event marketplace and a service provider, it continually and closely works with organizers to help them realize their key metrics like Cost per Contact, Cost per Lead, Lead to Closure ratio, Efficient ratio and Return on Event Investment (ROEI).