High Power Electric Bike by Dongguan TailG company

Exclusive : Highlights of 121st Session of China Guangzhou Canton Fair phase-1

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China Guangzhou Canton fair 2017, Phase-1 has product range from Gasoline bikes & utility vehicles, electric vehicles and bike in Automotive products pavilion. In the New energy pavilion there are solar panels and products related to solar applications – solar backpack bags, solar power banks, solar water pump etc. , wind power products. In addition, there are companies’ showcased iBoards which gives a most innovative teaching aid for educational institutions.  Below are the some of the highlights of the event which we find high tech and innovative products.

High Power Electric Bike by Dongguan TailG company

Dongguan based TailG electric bikes has showcased its high end electric bike and stunned the visitors with its powerful look.

sky worth stall canton fair 2017

Companies like Midea, Skyworth, Panda had displayed their premier products in consumer electronics industry which include 100 inch TV , Curved TV, 3D TVs and many more.

China XingYue Group Stall

China’s top electric bike Brands like Xingyue group, Yadea Group has displayed different electric version of vehicles which include two wheelers and three wheelers too.

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Phase-1 has concluded which started from April 15th till April 19th which has showcased Electronics & household appliances, Lightning products, Vehicle spare parts, Machinery, Hardware & tools, Building materials, Chemical products and energy products.

Canton Fair 2017 phase-1

Source: CantonFair Official website 

Phase-2 started from April 23rd till 27th showcased Daily consumer goods, gifts and Home decoration products. Phase-3 is scheduled from Mat 1st till May 5th will be showcasing Textile and Garments, shoes, cases and bags, recreation products, medicines and health care products.

Canton Fair 2017 phase-2

About Canton Fair

With 60 year brilliant history, 121st Session is also been help in three phases.

This session has 59,221 booths and 24098 exhibitors has exhibited in 16 categories in 50 sections.

In addition, there is an international pavilion with an area of 20,000 Sq.m holding 998 booths in 6 product zones. 625 enterprises from 42 countries have exhibited their products.


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