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Yes, we host the website of your event. Generally for an event XYZ, the website link would be

The advantage of getting hosted on is as follows

  1. As Goevnts is the event specifc website and also its logo and website is linked by more than 200 global events which means we can assure the targeted web traffic to your hosted website and help in good returns on investment
  2. Your event news and updates will be placed on the side bar as RSS which gives max exposure to your audience.
  3. Two articles ( one pre-event &  one post-event ) and two media interviews ( depends on event manager choice ) will be published.

email us to for any queries.

Leave a Reply has thousands of followers cumulatively on various social media platforms , you can follow them to stay connected

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Leave a Reply has been partnering with global events as the media partner to the event.  This partnership is a Barter agreement and no financial transactions involved.

As the Media partner to the event, Goevnts promote the event in the following ways – 

  1. Keep the event logo / banner ( 300x 250 size ) & link back to your event website, in the partner page (  )
  2. Publish pre-event & post-event news & updates as news on website. ( )  max 4 articles to be shared by the event manager.
  3. Publish your event news and updates in our social media profiles and spread the news across our follower base

In return, the event manager to provide the following to

  1. Keep logo and link back to in event website
  2. Place Goevnts logo on the catalogs, marketing materials, new letters, event back drop, what ever applicable
  3. Send one set of event catalog ( with goevnts logo printed ) for free to our Goevnts office in India / China , address will be communicated later.
  4. One free pass to Goevnts team to attend the event and cover the event.


Please follow the link to see all the events Goevnts have partnered till date – Click here 

Contact us to for requesting us to be your event’s media partner.



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Our Facebook page has more than 13K followers who are passionate about events and excited to know more news and updated about latest business events.

You can promote your event using Goevnts facebook page fo free !

  1. Visit our Facebook page –  
  2. Follow the facebook page first and get connected to thousands of passionate people.
  3. You can create your event with all details – event title, dates, venue and detailed information and publish it. Once published, the event will be displayed on the Goevnts website sidebar in facebook page window and helps to get a good viewership for free.
  4. You can also post yourself about any news and updates on the page.
  5. Try to interact with the followers as much as possible to keep them engaged about your event.
  6. More you engage Goevnts audience, more benefit you will have in terms of viewership, branding and subscriptions.




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We are more inclined to business events such as Trade shows, Business conferences, Expositions, Expos. Just to keep simple, we are open to promote any event which helps business networking and business promotions.

Leave a Reply is a multi-platform media which is in business of creating and distributing media content obsessively profiling international business events like tradeshows, exhibitions and conferences to global audience.

If you are an Event manager / Exhibitor / Event enthusiast , no matter who you are, will help to explore the business event industry. We publish news, articles, photo gallery and videos of various events around the world. We help event mangers and exhibitors increase their branding and viewership to reach their target clients faster and cost effective. We strive to keep whole world of events at your foot step with our exclusive & partner event news published on website.

If any questions or clarifications – email us 

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Feel free to email us to contact (at) goevnts (dot) com