How to make India a favorite business events destination?

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Business events such as Trade shows, Exhibitions and Conferences are the back bone for any country trade and commerce. The Make In India initiative by our government has given a boost to the foreign investments by big brands but unless India Inc sell products effectively to domestic and international market, the hype in foreign investments will be meaningless. We cannot deny that to sell a product we must effectively exhibit and business events help in accomplishing it. Hence saying straight, we must also focus on the exhibition industry in addition to our efforts in Make in India. Let us run through where we are now!

As per 2014 UFI-the global association of exhibition industry report USA, China and Germany are in top three countries in terms of exhibition space and unfortunate to see India is no where in top 15 too. This shows India is not yet mature enough to handle these business events and lot to be done to push ourselves ahead. The trade show venues like Germany Messe Frankfurt, China Pazhou complex have become the synonym for trade and industry networking  because of their world class events all round the year. Every year millions of business travelers travel to these countries which also boosts the tourism industry as well.

Being a event journalist and enthusiast and based in China, I visited majority of tradeshows and also personally interact with event managers & exhibitors in China due to my personal event based media initiative. I even heard of some events which focus on niche industry like Pet industry, Fishery & sea food  Industry, Culture fairs, Furnishing, Wedding, Tea Industry and many more which I haven’t thought of an trade event focusing on it.

I found the following points but not limited to,  India Inc & government must work together to

  • Government & private partnerships must invest in top class event venues which are focusing only on trade shows and conferences, market them properly to become favorite destinations for business travel
  • Event managers must at least visit some events in abroad before plunging into this and must benchmark the way the international events are organized. Many important leanings can be use of RFID technology for visitors, mobile apps for events, marketing strategy during the life of one event from start to end and what not.
  • Partner with international media companies to build the branding for the event in the international market.
  • Recurring events must be organized at least yearly once and not like Delhi Auto Expo which is organized once in two years.
  • Keep the entrance ticket free for niche industry events which will be give an improved viewership which in turn can earn event managers in advertising revenues.
  • Paper & Digital Media must know that the Auto shows are not the only trade shows and must work to promote other niche industry events which will create an impact in long run.
  • Business event stake holders must exploit the technology trend which includes web, mobile app to reach their target audience and RFID technologies to analyze their visitor behavior and implement self-improvement measures.
  • Event venues & cities must be developed as an integrated hub for trade, commerce and travel with a proper travel connectivity from domestic and international places.

The above points are some thoughts which I am sharing but there are many more strategies to follow to boost exhibition industry and business tourism in India. As seen in recent developments by Indian government like Make-In-India , Digital India, Startup India , there is no doubt India is seen as favorite destination for business. But in my view, we also must focus on the business event industry to build a brand Made-In-India.

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