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8th China Int’l Diesel Engine Summit will be held on December 4-6 in Beijing, China

China will officially implement “China VI a” and “China IV”, emission standards for heavy-duty diesel vehicles and off-road mobile machinery respectively. Meanwhile, implementation of stricter emission standards is encouraged in areas where conditions permit. With the drafts of Beijing VI and diesel quality standard hammered out recently, it’s become imperative for the diesel engine makers […]

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6th China Int’l Automobile Powertrain Summit

The 6th China International Automobile Powertrain Summit will be based on what’s going on in Chinese Automotive Powertrain Market. Insights into latest emission and regulatory policies, as well as the development of traditional internal combustion engine(ICE) and hybrid vehicle technology, will be discussed, and also the trend of powertrain market in China will be touched.


  • Interpretation of China VI Policy and Specific Certification Programs
  • Analysis of China Powertrain Market Strategy
  • Technical Roadmap for Traditional ICE of Major OEMs in Response to China VI
  • Core Technology and Innovation of Turbocharging and Variable Valve
  • Variable Compression Ratio and Homogeneous Compression Ignition Technology
  • Exhaust Emission Control Technology
  • The Latest Hybrid Technologies
  • The Policy Orientation for New Energy Vehicle in China
  • Innovations of Self-owned Brands in the Development of Hybrid Power
  • Analysis of the Development of Hybrid Power System in China in the Future
  • Development of Transmission Technology
  • The Trade-off between Powertrain Innovation Technology and Cost Control 

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