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Post event report : Remarkable Women Camaraderie 2018

Eminence Business Media supports the cause of “Women Empowerment” by organizing a non-profitable event Remarkable Women Camaraderie 2018 on 12th October at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai. Eminence Business Media supported the cause of Women Empowerment and organized a non-profitable event “Remarkable Women Camaraderie 2018” and it was an outstanding success with a great line up […]

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Remarkable Women Camaraderie 2018

“Remarkable Women Camaraderie 2018” is focusing on empowering women through connections. It’s a platform to network and grow where great women with great achievements share their success stories and help other women grow.

Women empowerment: two very simple words with a very deep meaning to it. It refers to the creation of an environment for women where they can make decisions of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society and also to increase and improve the social, work, economic, political and legal strength of the women, to ensure equal rights to women, and to make them confident enough to claim for their rights.

The event provides the opportunity for the next generation women leaders to learn from the talented speakers and connect through bold conversations on critical topics.

Why Attend?:

– Demonstrate your commitment to the development and advancement of women.

-To know your legal rights by talking to an expert

– Discover your unique talents & how to use them.

– Gain valuable insights in your personal growth ideas, motivation & inspiration.

– Network among your peers and make valuable business connections.

more details at the official website – Click here 

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